As corporations increasingly recognize the importance of supporting their employees' mental health and wellbeing, brands are offering services like sleep coaching and virtual wellness portals specifically for businesses to implement in the workplace

Mental health is a subject that people have shied away from discussing in the past, especially in corporate atmospheres. However, thanks changing perspectives on the topic as well as recognition of its importance in all areas of life, personal or professional, companies are finding innovative ways to incorporate wellness-promoting policies and practices into their workplaces.

Aware of this need for mental health support in the office, startup brands are making it easier than ever for companies to institute programs that address burnout, anxiety and other common workplace challenges to wellbeing. Here are several retailers and corporations working to promote the mental wellness of employees, offering resources and education, removing stigma and encouraging workers to seek care.

Wellness platform Shleep offers tailored sleep coaching programs for corporations. After taking a sleep assessment, employees receive a personalized report on their sleeping habits. The team then participates in an 8-week sleep coaching program. Employees can use the Shleep app to track their progress and get direct access to an expert. Group exercises and challenges help promote cultural change within the company to ensure that everyone is well rested and performing their best.

Spring Health
Spring Health is an online wellness platform that makes it easier for companies to help their employees get access to mental health treatment. It offers confidential mental health screenings and then creates personalized wellness plans, connecting employees with their network of best-in-class providers at affordable rates. They guarantee that employees can see a therapist in person or via video in under a week, streamlining a process that can typically take several weeks and require multiple office visits for referrals.

Aviation startup SimpliFlying encourages employees to relax and recharge by making vacation time mandatory. Every 8 weeks, employees are required to take one week off. To ensure that employees actually disconnect, if they try to get in touch with the office during their vacation, they will not be paid for that week. When SimpliFly implemented this policy, they found that creativity increased by 33%, satisfaction levels by 25% and productivity by 13%.

These are just a few examples of innovative ways that businesses are supporting the health of their employees—for more ideas, see PSFK's report the Office As Service Experience.

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