The Glenner Town Square provides Alzheimer's patients with an alternative experiential treatment, helping jog their memory by recreating a town from their youth and offering activities like puzzles and animal therapy

A new complex called Glenner Town Square in San Diego, California aims to help Alzheimer's sufferers by reminding them of their past. The village, created by the Glenner Alzheimer's Family Center, includes more than a dozen storefront facades, including a movie theater, city hall and diner.

The technique behind the experience is called reminiscence therapy, which uses nostalgic elements like music, photographs and newspapers to jog the memory of those with dementia and improve mood and cognition. In addition to being prompted by the visual cues of the old-fashioned environment, visitors to Glenner Town Square will be able to participate in small-group activities like completing puzzles and animal therapy.

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