W Records will offer artists a 360 deal including a recording studio, a production team and help with packaging and branding, aiming to offer guests choice cultural experiences

W Hotels is upping its hospitality game by expanding into the music business, a venture that aims to augment the hotel stay experience for its customers. W Records, an extension of the international hotel brand, will be a one-stop shop for artists starting out and on the rise, and offer an extra treat for W Hotel customers.

This record label will provide everything its artists need to create their content, from access to a recording studio and production team, all the way to record distribution and performance venues. One of the biggest intended benefits to artists of recording with W Records is its distribution plan: Along with releasing to people in the music industry, the music will also constitute part of the hotel brand's loyalty system, SPG/Marriott Rewards, thus advertising the creations to program members as well.

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