Before speaking at PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference on January 16, Bonobos co-president, Brad Andrews, explains how the brand is distinguishing itself in the premium apparel space by focusing on focusing on proper fits at every size, all while maintaining price parity

While many apparel brands are reluctant to spend the resources required to enable optimal fits in extended size ranges, Bonobos remains dedicated to its slogan, “Fit for every man,” and is accordingly focusing its efforts on the necessary research and alterations to make proper-fitting sizes, not just larger cuts.

The premium men's apparel brand takes its commitment to customer needs seriously, gathering insights and feedback regarding common customer pain points with merchandise as well as store experience. Ahead of the Future of Retail 2019 Conference this January, PSFK interviewed Bonobos co-president Brad Andrews to discuss the lengths the brand has gone to in maintaining its standard of proper-fitting clothing for all men, as well as delivering in-synch online and in-store shopping that reflects the retailer's focus on one-on-one, tailored experiences.

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