Our newest debrief shows how brands and companies can reroute their supply chain to be lean, agile and responsive to consumer delivery expectations

For online shoppers, checking out with the click of a button isn’t the end of their purchase experience. When and how customers receive their purchase can increase customer loyalty—or erode it.

Our newest report, The Last-Mile Delivery Debrief, highlights new customer demands for delivery and strategies retailers can pursue to fully optimize this stage of the purchase experience. From flexible product pickup to delivery wherever recipients may be, retailers need to cut through supply chain siloes and leverage agile, responsive fulfillment models to deliver true last-mile deliveries.

Featuring 6 industry trends, over 30 examples of anytime, anywhere shipping and key vendors to partner with, our Last-Mile Delivery Debrief will help all retailers—on or offline—ship consumer-first deliveries.

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