As detailed in PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 report, here's how fitness brand Nike is reimagining the consumer experience, through DTC methods in membership services, app integrations and more

From exclusive drops to remote assistance and in-store services, Nike is offering AI-driven personalization and exclusive membership experiences to its core consumers both online and in-store. Part of what enables these experiences is Nike's mobile app, which offers customers everything from lifestyle inspiration, community  and expert assistance to exclusive access to products and events.

The mobile experience even extends to the retail locations, creating a shopping ecosystem that empowers consumers to take control, with minimal, yet more efficient, assistance from store associates. Shoppers can pre-plan visits through the mobile app, making an appointment for an expert consultation with a store associate or reserving products for in- store try on, enabling them to have more seamless, informed and personalized shopping experiences.

Store Experience & Design
Nike by You allows visitors to make appointments with style experts to design their own pair of custom Nike ID sneakers with the help of a member of the staff to walk them through the process. Shoppers start with a white shoe as their canvas, place it under a special light rig and then customize the look on a digital display. The digital display is then projected onto the shoe giving them a custom look.

Nike by Melrose gives NikePlus members access to shop from the Nike app, tap reserve and pick up their product to try-on and purchase in-store. Shoppers can see if their size is in store, and after a reservation is made, a push notification will then be sent, telling them when their items are ready to be picked up. Across all stages of the customer journey, from shopper education and merchandising through delivery and logistics, here's how Nike is pioneering retail of the future:

Shopper Education & Assistance
In select locations, NikePlus members can scan barcodes inside each shoe on display, using the Nike app to learn more about any product, discover available sizes and colors, and see real-time inventory online and in-store without having to call upon a store employee. If the shoe is currently in stock, shoppers can request to try on the pair of shoes, and wait in the designated area for a Nike employee to bring the requested shoes within a few minutes.

Nike Expert destinations, designed to serve local members, will provide access to unique products, experiences and customization opportunities. Bookable through the Nike app, members can access one-on-one appointments with a highly-trained Nike Expert who can offer personal shopping, styling tips and advice on all aspects of their sport goals and product needs. Nike Express Sessions also offer one-to-one service to consumers in just thirty minutes.

Merchandising & Curation
Nike By Melrose is a concept store that uses data from online purchases to inform the product the store stocks, which is directly based on what items local consumers are buying and their shopping preferences. Shoppers can browse on in-store screens to see the most popular shoes in a given category for consumers who live near the store.

Nike SNKRS Stash offers users access to exclusive Nike trainers based on mobile geo-location data. By sharing their location via the app, users can discover Stash Spots hidden throughout their city, and Shock Drop gives users mobile alerts that let people buy sneakers instantly through its app or at a nearby Nike store.

Delivery & Logistics
Returns, exchanges or purchases are made easy with Curb Services at Nike By Melrose, which offers curbside pickup and digital reservations in lockers that customers can open with their phones. Using Swoosh Text (an SMS messaging system between the shopper and the store), consumers can simply text the store, pull in, grab or return goods, and get going.

Loyalty & Membership
Nike’s Shanghai House of Innovation features an Expert Studio, in an area that is restricted to members. Members can gain access to exciting experiences including meet-and-greets with athletes, exclusive items and Nike by You, where NikePlus members can customize their own shoes by engaging directly with a footwear consultant.

Nike is just one brand reinventing the consumer experience for fitness fans. For more, see PSFK’s Future of Retail 2019 report.