PSFK collected quotes from top-level executives on how to drive brand success by maintaining a continuous dialogue with consumers and responding in accordance with their desires

In today’s retail landscape, the pace of change is rapidly accelerating. One of the increasingly valuable traits of retailers is their ability to listen to and incorporate consumer insights and feedback into their store, product and brand experiences, driving sales by catering to their customers' needs first.

Detailed further in PSFK's recent Future of Retail 2019 report, here are quotes from four experts ranging industries from beverages to fitness apparel that speak to the necessity for today's brands to constantly be in dialogue with their shoppers. Read on for inspiring words from retailers using data-driven tailoring and on-demand services to respond to shoppers' desires for retail experiences that are personalized, optimally convenient and allow fluidity between digital and physical touchpoints.

“We looked at our members’ patterns in the Los Angeles Melrose neighborhood, and really watched behavior and listened to voices around engagement, activity and what they needed from Nike. One of the most important things we heard from our members is that they love Nike. Our engagement and activity with members in the ZIP code surrounding that door was up 48% from last year.” HEIDI O’NEILL. PRESIDENT, NIKE DIRECT

“When customers engage with us across stores and online, on average they spend five times more, and profitability per customer doubles.” BLAKE NORDSTROM. CO-PRESIDENT, NORDSTROM

“The data is clear. Whether it’s in-store, on-the-go or from the comfort of their couch, consumers are expecting more from retail brands. Retailers must continue to innovate, personalize and enhance the in-store and online—the ubiquitous—shopping experience to meet consumers wants and needs.” ADAM SIEGEL. SVP, INNOVATION, RESEARCH, AND SUSTAINABILITY, RILA

“One of my frustrations was always the speed that it takes to get a product from the point of presenting it to a buyer through to getting it onto store shelves. So, Dirty Lemon, for me, was a response to a lot of the challenges I was having in connecting with consumers, and with the barrier of retail in the mix.” ZAK NORMANDIN. FOUNDER & CEO, DIRTY LEMON

These are just a few inspiring quotes from experts riding the waves of the transforming retail landscape—for more, see PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 report.