In an interview with design platform The Wild, PSFK learned about how the company is enabling real-time virtual collaboration among designers, helping them craft customized, immersive store experiences informed by retailers' data

As retailers increasingly value physical spaces for their engagement and immersion factors, data-informed design tailored to a particular brand's audience and purpose becomes key. The Wild is a recently launched cloud-based platform that helps retailers achieve this end, providing designers with a virtual space to come together on their creation of customized, immersive experiences in augmented and virtual reality.

In an interview with PSFK, The Wild's founder and CEO, Gabe Paez, explained how its service not only allows for real-time collaboration, centralized decision-making across teams and connecting of traditionally isolated parts of the workflow, but also thereby allows for the creation of more human-centric design that better captivates audiences. Here's how The Wild is helping retailers like Adidas receive better returns on their retail space investment:

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