This data, gathered via PSFK's Innovation Tracker survey, analyzes today's top direct-to-consumer brands and the strategies that help them succeed

The following brands are the top-rated DTC brands according to the perceptions of respondents in PSFK's Retail Innovator Tracker survey, as outlined in the recently launched Future of Retail 2019 report.

We cross-analyzed each DTC company’s experience against the Future of Retail 2019 trends framework to see how our respondents’ perceptions measured against the strategies and initiatives that these companies were implementing, and we found that there was a notable correlation.

Through our analysis, we found that many of the established DTC companies, which tended to score above 70 points, have focused their strategies on owning the infrastructure and experience, while many brands that scored below 70 points are not as strong in these areas.

Meanwhile, the white space in the bottom of the chart indicates that there is a significant opportunity for both established and newer DTC brands to focus on owning the customer relationship. However, in order to do so effectively, they will first need to successfully accomplish steps one and two. This chart also highlights an opportunity for legacy brands to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging their long-standing customer relationships.

About The PSFK Retail Innovation Tracker:

Each month, PSFK data analysts poll a panel of 500 global respondents made up of future-forward consumers. We classify respondents according to their response to the classic pro le question “Compared to other people you know, how would you describe yourself?” Possible answers are “I am usually among the rst to try a new product” and “I am usually among the last to try a new product.” We then ask their perception of how innovative certain brands are, weighting the scoring based on how progressive the consumer is.

This is just one of many actionable insights offered in PSFK's Future of Retail report—available for download here.