As detailed in PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 report, here's how eyewear company Warby Parker is reimagining the consumer experience, driving sales and remaining a top DTC brand by owning all elements of the retail life cycle

Prescription glasses company Warby Parker is often recognized as a pioneer in the DTC space. Initially offering shoppers an innovative, convenient model for buying glasses online, the brand has since opened a number of physical locations, which give consumers another convenient way to interact with the brand.

Warby Parker continues to innovate through technology, using visual recognition tools to analyze shoppers’ faces and provide personalized product recommendations, boosting shopper confidence during what can be a fraught process of buying a new pair of glasses, and is one of the successful brands featured in PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 report. Here's how the retailer is enabling better customer service and shopper fluidity between online and offline touchpoints, from its store design to its delivery and logistics:

Store Experience & Design
Warby Parker’s store in Los Angeles pays homage to Hollywood’s movie-making history, combining Warby Parker’s signature library-styled design and fixtures with location specific elements, such as a classic movie theater-styled marquee with rotating titles. The most unique element is the green room, where shoppers can make a 15-second movie, choosing from some 12 different backdrops and lots of props, that they can then share on social media.

Shopper Education & Assistance
Warby Parker’s Prescription Check app allows customers to check their prescription at home without visiting an optometrist. The app helps users to conduct an equivalent of the Snellen eye exam on the computer screen, guiding them through a series of tests. The results are sent to a doctor to review and if there’s no change in eyesight, the user can get an updated prescription. If there is a change, they will be directed to get a more thorough exam from a doctor in person.

Merchandising & Curation
Warby Parker’s mobile app uses the iPhone X’s face-mapping technology to recommend glasses that will best fit a user’s face. Using the Warby Parker app, users tap “Find your fit” and hold their iPhone X camera up to scan their face, so the app can generate results that will find the dimensions of their face. Users can then select to trial or buy the glasses from the app.

Delivery & Logistics
Warby Parker opened an optical lab outside of New York City, allowing it to manufacture some of its own lenses and fit them into frames, therefore gaining greater control of its supply chain and offering shoppers faster turnaround and delivery times.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is just one brand reinventing the retail experience for the 21st century. For more, see PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 report.