Brands are using contests and open calls for suggestions to create new flavors, building a sense of ownership between customer and product

Inviting brand and product fans to contribute to R&D, flavor creation and facets of the product through contests, competitions and tests, can provide consumers with both a sense of ownership and a one-of-a-kind experience.
Allowing the consumer to be at the forefront of the design, taste, and feel of the product, this process draws a closer connection between the brand and the customer to bring an element of customization and an interactive experience.
Cookie brand Oreo created a #MyOreoCreation Contest, which allowed fans to submit new Oreo flavor ideas. After receiving initial submissions, Oreo tested, tasted and reviewed the flavor ideas, the Oreo Wonder Vault is turning three fans’ ideas into real life Oreo cookies that will be rolled out to consumers in stores for a second round and final round of the competition. Upon their nationwide release to stores, fans will be able to cast their vote for which new Oreo creation they would like to be a permanent Oreo offering.
Bompas & Parr
Bompas & Parr launched a design competition to create three-dimensional ice cream moulds for London Design Festival (15-23 September). Following the success of The British Museum of Food’s exhibition SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World, the competition features displays of ornate ice cream moulds from the 18th and 19th centuries from Robin and Caroline Weir’s collection. Bompas & Parr is now inviting designers, architects and artists to restore the glory of the ice cream mould, creating shape and form that’s fit for 21st century snacking and display on contemporary dining tables.
Auntie Anne’s
Auntie Anne's hosted its second Pretzel Nation Creation contest, which allowed the brand's fans to vote for the next pretzel flavor—one that would be birthday-inspired to celebrate Auntie Anne's 30th birthday. The Birthday Cake Pretzel Nuggets are dusted with vanilla and drizzled with chocolate syrup and then topped with confetti sprinkles.
Chocolate brand M&Ms created a Flavor Vote campaign in March, where millions of people voted for their favorite type of crunchy M&M’s. Among three finalists, the winning flavor was Crunchy Mint, which features a rice crispy cocoa center and outer minty dark
chocolate shell.


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