PSFK's latest debrief spotlights China’s leading retail and CX innovators, outlining how the future of global retail is happening in China today

The retail landscape in China has quickly evolved from traditional brick-and-mortar to e-commerce to a new hybrid vision than incorporates the best aspects of online and offline retail. In this laboratory of retail innovation, brands and retailers are experimenting with new services and competing in order to keep up with a new set of consumer demands. Things that are trials or concepts elsewhere are already a part of daily life in China.

PSFK's latest report, The China Debrief, shows how three major players—Alibaba, JD and Tencent— are innovating along the purchase path, from AI-powered stores that offer dynamic, personalized shopping experiences to streamlined payments powered by facial recognition to sophisticated logistics systems that meet consumer demand for speedy fulfillment. Featuring over 50 examples of CX innovations, this report provides insights into the near-term future of retail across the globe and outline the immense opportunities for brands and retailers to drive their own visions of ‘new retail.’

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