Brands are driving engagement with retail drops via mobile app to give social media-savvy customers exclusive access to new products

Live mobile video can encourage a two-way conversation with brands and a community of fans, giving consumers the ability to shop anytime, anywhere. In particular, brands are increasingly using live streaming to enable consumers to collectively view and interact with new products as they drop in real time. 

Interactive apps also allow consumers to tie in their own digital devices for a more personalized experience. From live streaming a shopping experience with clickable merchandise to documenting a fashion event, here's how leading retailers are driving engagement and linking content with commerce:

ShopShops is an interactive, app-based livestream global marketplace that connects retailers and brands directly with cross-border shoppers. Stores host two-hour live events to “open doors” to thousands of global customers who can tune into the livestream events and connect with hosts that engage with audiences in real-time to sell products.

WeChat x L’Oreal
Beauty brand L’Oreal turned the Cannes Film Festival into a live shopping event for Chinese fashionistas using social platform WeChat’s Mini- Program, a commerce-enabled lightweight app. The brand broadcast live footage of Chinese celebrities getting made up and then walking the red carpet, and viewers could comment directly on the page while watching the videos. The L’Oreal products that the celebrities used were displayed at the bottom of the screen, enabling viewers to shop them with one click.

Tommy Hilfiger x SideFlix
Tommy Hilfiger’s Facebook messenger feature SideFlix aims to brings fans of the brand together while offering access to exclusive content, combining shoppable content with social interaction. Features on Sideflix are initially locked; however, as more friends come together in the same space, and the devices are tuned into the platform, content becomes available. As more devices are connected, more exclusive content is unveiled.

Marshaling interactive drops to create exclusivity and drive engagement is just one way retailers are using video content to enhance their brand. For more examples, download PSFK's report Driving Sales Through Video Engagement.