Before taking the stage at PSFK's Future of Retail Conference next month, HERO's CEO and founder Adam Levene discusses how his company is assisting retailers in pioneering the future of omnichannel retail, optimally synching their digital and in-store retail spaces while also re-humanizing the experience.

As the way consumers shop continues to transform, retailers are revamping their online and digital experiences to meet the latest shopping behaviors. Stores can struggle, however, with finding the best way to reorganize their business models to cater to shoppers' needs, and to strike an optimal balance between their in-store and digital outposts.

HERO is here to rescue these retailers, providing them with the tools to amplify the sales strategy they already have intact by simply adding to it: The retail technology company helps stores make better use of their brick-and-mortar down time and in-store associates by connecting them with customers shopping virtually, offering real-time, on-demand customer assistance from real humans.

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