Before speaking at an NYRIW retail design panel on Tuesday, January 15, Howard Sullivan, creative director and co-founder of the award-winning YourStudio, explains how his agency designs in-store retail experiences for retailers like Topshop, Pret A Manger, Birchbox and more that captivate, inspire and engage in an age of social media saturation and digital overload

Retail is not retail anymore, says Howard Sullivan, co-founder and creative director of London-based experience design agency YourStudio. Instead, the industry is moving into an era of valuing experiences over just selling products, prioritizing the creation of authentic interaction and spontaneity that appeals to human emotion, captures consumers' attention and even taps into what can't be shared on social media.

Before sharing his insights at the IRL Retail Design In A Digital Age panel, part of New York Retail Innovation Week, Howard spoke with PSFK for our podcast about his work with leading retailers like TopShop, Birchbox, Pret A Manger and many more, designing insight-led experiences so dynamic and powerful, they have to be seen in-person, absorbing visitors' attention and bringing them back into the moment in an era of constant distraction and frazzled focus.

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