To be explored in a site visit to its micro-distillery Our/New York during New York Retail Innovation Week, Pernod Ricard is fostering direct connections with local consumers by creating distilleries unique to their locations, sourcing local ingredients and embodying the spirit of the city to compete in a market burgeoning with DTC brands

How does an internationally renowned name like Pernod Ricard Vodka appeal to shifting consumer behaviors concerning alcohol consumption, particularly amidst the rise of DTC and more specialized brands? By marshaling the strength of its global recognition to create hyper-local micro-distilleries, each as unique as the city they're located in, in a project called Our/Vodka.

Our/New York is Pernod Ricard’s small-batch, locally run vodka distillery in downtown Manhattan, dedicated to the production of vodka containing locally sourced ingredients, thereby lending a local taste to each spirit. It is the 7th concept experience opened by Pernod Ricard with others in Berlin, Detroit, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles and soon in Miami, with each city using the same global recipe but adding ingredients sourced as locally as possible to maintain hyper-local flavors.

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