Leading retailers like Sweetgreen and Waitrose are enabling on-demand delivery by incorporating innovative options into their services, from offering couriers to personally deliver customers' items to placing packages directly in shoppers' car trunks

Whether ordering consumable products or durable goods, today's mobile consumers expect anywhere, anytime access. Retailers, brands and distributors are empowering customers to receive their product in the midst of busy schedules by offering self-service pickup, storage lockers or even bringing the delivery directly to the on-the-go consumer.

From courier delivery to straight-to-trunk services, here's how three top retailers are marshaling creative modes of delivery to get their customers what they need, when they need it:

Amazon Key In-Car
E-commerce giant Amazon allows Prime members to have packages delivered to the trunk of their cars via the Amazon Key app. The service works with connected vehicles like Chevrolet and Volvo, so no connected lock is installed. Cars need to be parked in a public, street-accessible place.

The salad-based restaurant chain is testing a program called Outpost, in which designated pickup areas are set up inside large office buildings, allowing employees to place customized orders via Sweetgreen’s app and grab lunch off a shelf without leaving the building. Sweetgreen also offers free delivery as part of the program, banking on the higher volume of orders for profitability.

U.K. grocery retailer Waitrose's Click-and-Collect service allows customers to order online and pick up groceries, without the need to visit its stores. Its Click-and-Collect service involves temperature-controlled lockers so customers can access their grocery orders in train stations and airports at their own convenience.

These are just a few brands who are utilizing in-step fulfillment provide optimally convenient delivery service. For more examples, visit PSFK's report the Last Mile Delivery Debrief.