Shoppable content is getting a boost from influencers and celebrities promoting products and services via interactive platforms

Brands are finding creative new ways to use interactive video to drive commerce, and looking to influencers to help build audiences. Social video platforms are a way to showcase influencers’ products and inspire audiences to make purchases directly through the site.

Brands have realized the opportunity provided by influencer-driven commerce, especially through social media. Accordingly, leading retailers are aligning themselves with influencers that have a supportive following, creating shoppable video content featuring everything from celebrity homes to personalized streams of finds curated just for individual customers.

ShopWith is a video-based social shopping app that provides fashion shopping services to Gen Z. Shoppers can follow their favorite fashion & beauty creators and YouTubers through the app, learn exactly what products they are featuring, and conveniently purchase them all within the app.

Yahoo Lifestyle is launching NowWith Network, a shoppable video series that transports audiences to view inside the homes of celebrities as they showcase the products they love and sharing the intimate stories behind each. Audiences can buy products directly via each interactive video.

Yeay is an e-commerce app where sellers record Snapchat-style videos to market their own products or brand merchandise.

Rheo is a social video platform that delivers a curated stream of topical and trending videos personalized to tastes and viewing habits. Brands can features their video content on the site, and audiences can click on a link that takes them to the brands’ site.

These are just a few brands who are utilizing video to engage a new generation of mobile shoppers. For more examples, download PSFK's report Driving Sales Through Video Engagement.