Before partaking in a panel on Retail Tech Strategies for 2019, VP of ecommerce app Caravel, Adriana Krasniansky, speaks about using technology like AI and machine learning to help brands build better e-shopping experiences, enabling streamlined and enjoyable customer journeys

Customers are overwhelmed by digital marketing and retail tactics. From targeted ads, to chatbots, to product recommendations, customers begin to tune out, says Adriana Krasniansky, VP of Marketing and Insights at ecommerce startup Caravel. As consumers flock to easier shopping interfaces, digital retailers who simplify the shopping experience are best positioned to build trust and encourage customers to return.

Accordingly, Caravel's app, currently in beta, strives to uncomplicate ecommerce for brands, building intuitive and helpful shopping experiences that keep customer satisfaction as their focus. Ahead of speaking at the panel Retail Tech Strategies for 2019, part of New York Retail Innovation Week, Adriana shares with PSFK how Caravel works to simplify how people shop online, using AI to help brands enable personalized and simplified shopping experiences.

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