Luxury and streetwear brands from Burberry to H&M are finding more captivating ways to release products, tapping into young consumers' mobile obsessions

To generate excitement around product launches while reaching broader audiences, brands and retailers are creating interactive content and experiences that rely on consumers’ mobile phones to unlock exclusive offers, bridging the gap between online and offline retail.

Top retailers are utilizing social media to meet consumer demand through their most popular platforms, announcing digital drops that can be viewed and shared. Here's how brands big and small, high-end to highstreet are targeting young millennials and avid mobile phone users, bringing product launches to their fingertips.

Anti Social Social Club
American streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) partnered with product release app Frenzy on an LA event where fans had to check in to a physical location at a designated time to buy a limited-edition sweatshirt online. Billboards across the city featured the ASSC logo and a phone number which, when dialed, revealed a Morse code that the most tenacious fans learned to decipher. For those who made it to the “drop zone” (LA’s Elysian Park), the app granted an automatic login, triggering the product to appear on-screen to purchase, as well as a countdown timer.'

H&M ’s newest brand, Nyden, was a seasonless accessible luxury-based retail concept anchored in a startup mentality, not only designed by an in-house design team but also co-created with an ongoing selection of tastemakers—stylists, artists and actors. All merch is released in drops whenever the brand deems most relevant.

British brand Burberry launched a streetwear line called the B Series, which emulates the product ‘drop’ of white unisex t-shirts and jersey sweatshirts sold exclusively via Burberry’s social media platforms, including Instagram, WeChat (China), LINE (Japan) and Kakao (Korea).  Every 17th of each month will bring a fresh flash sale Burberry drop, conceived to whip fans into a frenzy of anticipation and incite purchase urgency.

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