The Fitbit BYOD program is a digital health initiative in partnership with the NIH's health project All of Us and is designed to use real-time participant data to inform healthcare research

Wearables company Fitbit is launching a new initiative, the Fitbit Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) project, in partnership with the the All of Us research program established by the White House in 2015. The BYOD will enable Fitbit's existing participants to share data like sleep, activity, heart rate, nutrition and more via their Fitbit accounts, allowing the collection of real-world, real-time data.

With an end goal of a million members, the program intends to create a dataset that can offer a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the links between lifestyle, environment and health.This more comprehensive picture of participants’ health is intended to not only aid in the creation and delivery of precision medicine. but also provide a rich trove of demographic, genomic and other health data that can be made readily available to researchers helping to further the progress of health research.

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