Brands are using wearable fitness technology to gamify wellness and connect consumers across personalized programs

Wearables are tracking people's activity and seamlessly blending recommendations for daily routines to nudge them towards healthy habits and goal actualization, all while rewarding them for their achievements.

Using wearable technology to enable gamified wellness strategies allows consumers to easily adapt to a health routine that fits their lifestyle and existing favorite brands. Here's how three retailers are helping customers achieve their healthy-living goals by supporting them every step of the way:

Health-focused wearables company Withings‘ smartwatch tracks kids on what they're doing and then informs parents. The Fitbit Ace can track steps, how long kids are active each day and how long they're sleeping. If kids hit his or her goals, they'll receive celebratory messages and achievement badges. Kids are able to set their own daily goals and active minutes for Ace to track each day, compete in step challenges with family members, and send each other messages or cheers. Statistics like body fat percentage or calorie count won't be accessible to avoid negative impact.

John Hancock
John Hancock, a unit of Manulife Financial Corp., recently expanded an optional program to reward customers for healthy habits. Participants can earn points for tracking their daily jogs or for their meditation practice, and then use those points for rewards toward purchases on Amazon and other sites.

Cardiogram is a smartwatch app that uses a deep neural network technology to detect health, sleep, stress and fitness data and lets users compare or compete with friends. Via the companion app, a Daily Leaderboard lens lets users compete steps and activity levels with their friends, while the Habits tab helps users find a new healthy habit or activity they'll love, invite a friend to share metrics, and optimize their overall health and fitness.

For more examples of brands implementing gamified wellness technology, download PSFK's Amplifying The Benefits Of Wearables Through Personalized Experiences report.