CEO Mads Ryder says the tabletop brand is ‘living in the past'—Here, the former LEGO executive discusses the cultural makeover he’s spearheading to usher the brand into the 21st century

Mads Ryder, the new CEO of Lenox, is unapologetic about the 130-year old brand. It’s out of touch, “uncool” and anachronistically chasing a china-cabinet owning consumer base that’s been fading for decades.

A cultural makeover is now afoot at the dinnerware brand spearheaded by Ryder, who joined Lenox in November 2018 following executive posts at firms ranging from Lego to Weight Watchers and Royal Copenhagen. He is enmeshed in a corporate soul-searching mission that starts with unearthing a nuanced, psychographic feel for the wants and needs of today’s modern—and younger—consumer, insight that has long eluded the company.

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