PSFK talks to MIRROR founder & CEO, Brynn Putnam, about catering to consumers' need for on-demand, personalized fitness, and how the future of workouts will take place in the home

Working out at home used to consist of watching DVDs, or now, streaming Youtube videos. With the creation of MIRROR, those who love to exercise in the comfort of their own home can still get the experience of being in a class or working with a personal trainer.

After purchasing and setting up this full-length mirror with a full HD display, there is immediate access to an interactive exercise experience that streams a variety of live fitness classes, including anything from yoga to high intensity workouts where participants can even get realtime tips on form.

MIRROR now has a physical retail store in New York City. PSFK interviewed MIRROR founder and CEO, Brynn Putnam, who has devoted most of her life to health and wellness, to learn more about what MIRROR has to offer customers as well as what the future of fitness experiences will hold.


PSFK: Can you explain how Mirror is different from other exercise options available from home?

Brynn Putnam: MIRROR is creating a new category of in-home fitness with cutting-edge hardware, responsive software and best-in-class content to provide a uniquely immersive and personalized workout experience. It’s the only nearly invisible, interactive home gym that streams live and on-demand fitness classes in a variety of genres, led by top instructors in NYC. Content is curated based on an individual’s goals and preferences and then further personalized in real-time through a combination of feedback and biometric data.

MIRROR provides the sweat of a treadmill without giving up a whole room in your house, the personalization of a trainer without the steep cost and the variety of a full workout DVD collection with new live workouts added 7+ times per day.

We're vying to be the next screen in your life, not the next treadmill in your home. You have your phone for communication, your computer for information, your TV for entertainment and now the MIRROR for experiences. In the future, MIRROR has incredible potential to provide customized experiences in other areas including beauty, fashion and health.

Can you describe how MIRROR enables a personalized workout experience?

The Mirror provides realtime feedback in a few different ways:

First, your Profile allows you to set your fitness goals and class preferences, and list any injuries that may require exercise modifications. We then use this information to recommend new classes to you each week and to personalize your workouts. During class, the Mirror will then use this info to provide text-based form tips and encouragement, as well as videos showing alternate exercises if you have a limitation, so you can enjoy the class while performing the exercise best suited for your body.

Second, your Mirror can be used with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (included in your Starter Pack) or an Apple Watch. Your Mirror will then display if your heart rate is above, below or in your personalized target heart zones, and the calorie bar will update in real time with calories burned.

Third, during a live class, the instructor can see your Profile and data from your heart rate monitor, so you may get a personalized shout-out! Soon, MIRROR will launch 1:1 personal training. This means that the camera and microphone will turn on so your instructor can see your form and speak to you.

How is the MIRROR showroom in NYC designed?

Mirror is the future of fitness in the most personal of places—your home. For our first store, we tried to balance our cutting edge technology with elements that elicit the warmth and comfort of your home. We did this by incorporating lots of rich, natural materials, like wood and marble, for a store that feels sleek, yet welcoming.

What's next for MIRROR?

In 2019 we have major plans for partnerships, expanded content offerings and more. We've launched with thousands of classes led by the country's top trainers. Personal training is coming this year, delivered on your schedule starting at $40/session. In the near future, we're excited to help you sweep the dust off your old bike or treadmill with classes that take advantage of all the equipment you have in your home gym.


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