PSFK speaks to Benjamin Witte, founder of hemp-infused drink brand Recess, about his approach to functional beverage, focusing on the solutions that consumers want—relaxation, productivity, creativity—rather than CBD hype

From matcha to tinctures, CBD has become as synonymous with trendy, current pop culture as Instagram. The two share more than several traits as well, both offering portals into our contemporary infatuation and desire to achieve holistic wellness. Understanding the reasons behind CBD’s popularity—and the larger physical/mental health movement as a whole—can help all wellness retailers consider how best to market their goods and optimize the customer experience.

PSFK sat down with Benjamin Witte, Founder & CEO of Recess, a line of CBD and hemp-infused sparkling water intended to curb anxiety and aid productivity. As Recess transitions from primarily online-based commerce to in-store, Benjamin provides key insights for any brand looking to tap into this wellness niche or expand their retail footprint.

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