Parsley Health's $5/day membership-based clinic aims to reinforce its message about the health-enhancing effects of nature with an office design focused around natural light, greenery and general calming ambiance

When healthcare startup Parsley opened its first center in New York City, it was an imperative for the brand to combine nature and health. To do this, the company hired architecture firm Aldy Lay and interior designers Hilko Designs to create a office that prioritized “biophilia,” or the theoretical desire of humans to convene with other forms of life in nature, to promote patients' wellness and help them relax.

Biophilic design in particular looks to incorporate nature into indoor spaces. Accordingly, Parsley's space features plenty of natural light, extensive amounts of wood furniture and a small tree that stands at the end of a hallway. More plants are carefully placed all throughout the office. Doctor Robin Berzin says of the design, “We wanted to create comfort, create intimacy, create healing and help empower people to engage in their health from the moment they walk in the door.”

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