In this excerpt from PSFK's recently launched Retail Health & Wellness Debrief, take a look at eight of the most surprising retailers to embrace the evergreen health & wellness trend, speaking to its importance among consumers

According to PSFK's survey, the sectors most likely to incorporate new health & wellness products and services into their offerings in the next two years are hospitality (79%), beauty (79%), apparel (69%), restaurants (69%) and grocery (63%). Even more, PSFK has noticed health and wellness offerings spreading far beyond the expected outlets—pharmacies, groceries and big box stores—and appearing in unexpected spaces. 

In this glimpse from our recent Retail Health & Wellness Debrief report, PSFK has identified the top most interesting and inspiring ways that retailers from Best Buy and The Goods Mart to Singapore Airlines are integrating health and wellness-promoting programs, products and services into their business. Offering customers healthy foods and fitness options as well as green spaces and internal primary care clinics, here are eight ways that major brands are catering to the perennial consumer interest in healthy living:

Best Buy
The electronics retailer recently acquired GreatCall, which provides connected health services to senior citizens, as part of its strategy to sell more health and wellness products.

The high-end department store created The Wellery, a department that offers wellness as a luxury experience, through offerings like salt therapy rooms, group fitness classes and weight loss treatments.

The U.K.-based luxury department store partnered with fitness operator SWEAT! to open in-store gyms, catering to the tendency of luxury-oriented customers to also value fitness-related activity.

Perhaps the least unlikely of this list, the womenswear retailer added a wellness section to its stories, featuring items that promote mindfulness and self-care, such as essential oils, yoga mats and elixirs.

The Goods Mart
The convenience store is focusing its efforts on offering customers healthy versions of convenience store products, such as energy drinks and beef jerky, at affordable prices.

The shopping center brand says that wellness has been a key area of growth for its mall locations, including boutique fitness stores and healthy food court options.

Singapore Airlines
The international airliner partnered with wellness brand Canyon Ranch to help fliers sleep better, eat better and exercise to stay healthy during long-haul flights.

The tech retailer is opening its own primary care clinics in order to provide employees and their families convenient access to care.

These are just the highlights from the many creative ways that brands ranging the gamut of industries are incorporating wellness into their offerings. For the full list, see PSFK's report, The Retail Health & Wellness Debrief.