Ahead of speaking at the Retail Tech Strategies for 2019 panel at NYRIW, UM Worldwide EVP and global chief innovation officer, Chad Stoller, shares insights on how DTC brands have cornered the market on consumers' attention by capturing it at its source—on social media—and how other brands can take a page from their book to compete in a digitally and socially driven landscape

Marketing may be a game of influence, but the source of that influence is rapidly shifting, says Chad Stoller, EVP and global chief innovation officer at UM Worldwide, the creative media agency operating in over 100 countries. As that source transforms from mass media and established cultural gatekeepers to social media, branding and distribution models are adapting to a new reality of social discovery channels and commerce, something the success of direct-to-consumer brands proves.

As part of New York Retail Innovation Week, Chad and UM will be hosting a diverse panel on Retail Tech Strategy for 2019 with voices from up-and-coming brands, established brands and social platforms themselves to explore the secret sauce behind how direct-to-consumer brands have used social media so successfully, and their lessons that others can apply to enable future-proof consumer relationships. Ahead of the event, PSFK caught up with Chad to find out more about how UM helps brands like Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Hershey's, CVS Health, Sony and more do just this.

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