Health and fitness brands are enabling customized experiences and tailored lifestyle plans using customer information like DNA or gym habits to help them reach their personal goals

Fitness brands from Thorne to Equinox are leveraging customers’ personal data to curate specific recommendations for diet and exercise that help customers achieve their goals.    

From workout routines and diets based on customers' genes to health plans that address individuals' blood levels of various toxins, here's how four health and fitness brands are using customers' unique stats to help them improve their lives:

FitnessGenes U.K. genetic testing service FitnessGenes analyzes customers’ DNA and provides a genetically tailored workout and nutrition plan, with the optimal number of calories and macronutrient content for their unique genetic makeup. Consumers have easy access to their DNA results as well as workout and nutrition plans through the Member’s Area in the company’s website or app.

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