Companies are filling the gaps in employee needs by offering innovative benefits packages, hoping to engage more people and invite loyalty

As the gig economy develops and expands, the employee experience evolves with it. Leading businesses are turning to third-party startups that offer new solutions to engaging a contingent workforce. “I predict organizational health will be the next big focus for the business world following the latest trend of digital transformation,” said SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter. “Companies have invested in technology to differentiate and transform, but at the end of the day the winning companies will be the ones that invest in their employees and organizational health.”

Companies like Caviar and PerkSpot are curating benefits plans to meet specific employee lifestyle needs. Going beyond baseline employee packages, these employers are providing contingent workers with unique incentives to remain with the company. As detailed in PSFK’s recent report Evolving The Employee Experience In The Gig Economy, here’s how three leading startups are elevating employee benefits:

PerkSpot teamed up with Lyft and Postmates to provide employees with customizable benefits to manage discount programs on behalf of leading employers. The platform’s technology houses an online marketplace offering exclusive savings opportunities on consumer goods and services as well as personal insurance products. PerkSpot's solution manages merchant relationship, builds program awareness, communicates valuable offers and provides customer service via an always-on, customized portal. This allows employers to profit from reclaimed HR time and resources, and in turn, HR professionals can focus on core responsibilities and champion a unique and fun benefit for employees.

Atlanta-based SalesLoft is the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations to deliver a better sales experience for their customers. Benefits include 1 Week Mandatory PT, Work From Anywhere, Tuition Reimbursement, Remote Employee Wellness Bonus to use for gym memberships, massage and more.

Caviar is a delivery solution for consumers to order food from local eateries with the ability to live-track the order on a map, that launched Occupational Accident coverage that will cover costs for injuries suffered on the job.

For more examples of how brands and companies are creating new solutions to improve workers' routines and promote more meaningful work, see PSFK’s report Evolving The Employee Experience In The Gig Economy, available for download now.