As detailed in PSFK’s China Debrief, grocery retailers in the forward-looking country are experimenting with interactive technology both inside the store and on-the-go to enable shopping experiences that are faster and more intuitive than ever

Increased wealth and rapid technological innovations have created a new generation of progressive Chinese consumers with discerning tastes and elevated expectations when it comes to customer experience. Leading retailers have aggressively invested in upgrading their logistics capabilities to create a sophisticated network that improves their reach and efficiencies, resulting in a faster and more enjoyable customer experience.

One industry seeing the results of these new opportunities is grocery retail. Humanizing in-store technology is providing shoppers with a higher level of assistance, while online-based delivery services cut laborious, inefficient shopping times in half. As detailed in PSFK’s latest report on China, here’s how three leading Chinese retailers are streamlining the traditional grocery shopping experience:

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