Simon Enever explains how the brand marshaled its strong beginnings as a digital native into sharing shelf space with larger CPG brands in a big-box store, maintaining its commitment to value-added content and services as well as accessibility to compete

When the DTC oral care brand Quip launched online in 2014, it was entering a playing field dominated by mainstream, legacy heavyweights. These oral hygiene brands—from Crest to Colgate—are often the subsidiaries of major CPG corporations, meaning they have the resources, appeal and mass recognition needed to gain a spot on countless retail aisles and household bathrooms.

But Quip’s mission goes far beyond these baseline oral care retailers, encompassing not just the initial electric toothbrush purchase, but offering a subscription package that includes oral education, brush refills and more. It’s this complete lifestyle positioning that has allowed Quip to sell more than one million toothbrushes and hold on to one million subscribers as of January 2019.

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