Ahead of his appearance at Shoptalk, The RealReal's head of omni-channel, Michael Groffenberger, caught up with PSFK to share his insights on the future of luxury consignment, as well as how consumers are increasingly turning to more sustainable, economic and eco-friendly options

Today's consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact their purchases have on the greater environment, and of the entire lifecycle of their goods beyond just the purchase and use phases. Accordingly, luxury consignment store The RealReal aims to enable a truly circular economy within this space, helping consumers to buy more sustainably when it comes to fashion as well as investing in items that retain value.

Further, the brand strives to encourage fashion designers to create high-quality items that can be recirculated, aligning with and supporting shifting values among consumers and producers. PSFK caught up with The RealReal's head of omni-channel, Michael Groffenberger ahead of his appearance at Shoptalk to learn more about what he will share at the event, as well as how the company is working towards a more sustainable future for consumers, the apparel industry and the environment alike.

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