Ahead of her appearance at this year's Shoptalk, Lionesque Group founder Melissa Gonzalez shares insights on the future of the brick-and-mortar experience in a digital world, emphasizing the importance of storytelling

While physical stores have retained importance in retail strategy, the ends that they serve have transformed. Brands can sometimes struggle, however, in determining which purposes and consumer needs to target with their physical spaces, a challenge the Lion'esque Group, composed of experiential retail strategists and architects, strives to help its clients tackle.

Also known as “the popup architects,” the group takes ecommerce-first brands to brick and mortar, as well as helps companies rethink the physical-digital world of retail in a way that makes sense for their brand and effects meaningful return on investment. Melissa spoke to PSFK about what types of customer journeys her most successful clients have enabled with physical stores, and what the future of brick and mortar looks like from here.

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