As detailed in PSFK & Microsoft's 2020 Retail Trends Playbook, these three brands are mindfully collecting consumer data and applying that intelligence in order to deliver personalized marketing content

As consumers continue to show preference for curated and personalized retail experiences, retailers must take initiative by learning from and about their customers. Data intelligence is easy to collect, but harder to apply. With personalization influencing 38% of all digital revenue, it is in the interest of retailers to invest in creative ways to make it happen.

Brands can utilize powerful algorithms to learn a consumer’s behaviors and preferences, reaching them at home more effectively than ever before. Advanced CRM and marketing systems develop a detailed shopper profile through repeated interactions and utilize this information to deliver proactive and personalized outbound marketing and tailored recommendations.

PSFK’s Retail Trends Playbook 2020, made in partnership with Microsoft, explores how three leading retailers are going beyond transactional messaging by embedding meaningful experiences within the context of their marketing to help customers take action and achieve their goals:

Technology company Clinch lets brands create dynamic and personalized Instagram stories at scale. A brand creates an interactive template for the ad, with attached sources for content assets like photos or graphics. Videos can be embedded with calls to action and even drive consumers to the closest location where a product or service is sold. The messages are then optimized in real time based on user engagement and data such as location, time of day and weather.

Ticket exchange StubHub’s holiday campaign uses artificial intelligence to personalize its holiday greetings with remixes various clips and songs depending on what kind of ticket is being gifted. In a partnership with, customers can create a bespoke rap by answering questions and the AI creates a 60-second song, with verses tweaked for their specific circumstances. StubHub says there are 10,000 different combinations available, each resulting in a different video.

Monetate x Bazaarvoice
Personalization platform Monetate and consumer-generated content firm Bazaarvoice partnered to increase personalization during this holiday season. Monetate will use Bazaarvoice’s shopper profiles to help brands create product recommendations aimed to turn first-time holiday shoppers into loyal customers post holiday season. The companies aim to use shoppers' experiences and online behavior beyond one-time gift-buying to boost post-holiday consumer engagement strategies that improve brand loyalty.

The Retail Trends Playbook 2020 is a report by business intelligence platform PSFK in partnership with Microsoft that presents key trends, best-in-class examples and strategies for executing intelligent retail with the aid of data-driven technologies. Download the full free report here.