Experts weigh in on how retailers are increasingly looking at airports as a place to engage consumers, creating experiences out of what was once idle downtime by catering to their in-moment needs with popups, services, app integrations and more

Gone are the days of cheesy souvenir shops and stale sandwiches. Having a retail presence within an airport is becoming a lucrative opportunity for brands as global travel increases—experts expect sales in the airport retail category for the U.S. and Canada to reach $10 billion by 2020, and that's more than double the amount in 2015.

Accordingly, retailers are rethinking their airport presence, and upping their appeal for the traveling demographic. In this discussion from the panel “New Destinations For Airport Retail,” part of New York Retail Innovation Week, three leaders in the retail and travel spaces weighed in on catering to the captive airport audience as well as the latest tech integrations to enable greater on-the-go engagement. Hear from Ty Manegold, president of ROAM Fitness, Andrew Deitchman of New Stand and Robyn Novak, vice president of FRCH Design Worldwide, hosted by Adrianne Pasquarelli, Ad Age reporter.

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