This excerpt from PSFK's Store Experience Design Debrief explores the four key initiatives leading retailers are taking to elevate store design and experience in the digital age

Physical retail is going through a major transformation. Ecommerce has set new consumer expectations in terms of speed and flexibility, and now that shoppers can easily buy anything they want online, the store is no longer the end of the purchase funnel. In order to ensure that brick-and-mortar shopping remains relevant and competitive in the digital age, stores must experiment with new technology and creative activations. 

Creating a compelling store experience requires considering every aspect of the store design, from the fixtures of space itself to the experience that the shopper will have within that space. As described in PSFK's Store Experience Design Debrief, the following four initiatives will help retailers identify the necessary design elements that they need to create a physical retail experience that continues to drive visits and sales in a digital age:

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