Our latest report shows how retailers can design physical store experiences that drive engagement and sales in the digital age

When shoppers today can purchase anything they want online with the click of a button, what role does the physical store play in their customer journey? The rise of ecommerce has created a new set of consumer expectations, which have wide-reaching implications for the way retailers think about the physical store experience and what it needs to accomplish.

PSFK’s latest report, The Store Experience Design Debrief, outlines the major pillars that retailers will need to leverage to hone their store experience over the next decade. From new formats and visual identities to new value-added services, retailers need to design engaging physical stores that encourage visits in order to ensure the physical channel remains relevant.

Featuring over 40 pages of research and analysis, including 8 trends-based pillars, over 24 best-in-class examples of engaging store experience design and 2 in-depth interviews with pioneers in the field, our Store Experience Design Debrief will help retailers create stores that not only survive but thrive in an increasingly hybrid retail landscape.