New York retailers are utilizing technology to empower sales associates and turn the store visit into a dynamic, personalized experience

Electronics and tech-focused retailers in New York are positioning the physical store as a channel to increase shopper confidence in a hard-to-navigate category. Knowledgeable associates are available to answer questions or provide recommendations for specific needs, while customers can also learn more about the technology behind the products with hands-on demonstrations.

“Consumers are demanding a unique in-store experience that is fun and exciting. Consumers go into physical retail locations looking to demo products and engage with the staff to learn more about products and features. Online commerce provides consumers with endless options, so it is important for in-store experiences to ultimately be fun and create value in a way that you can't get from clicking a button.”—Philip Raub, Founder and President, b8ta

As detailed in PSFK's 2019 New York Retail Innovation Guide, here's how three innovative brands are leveraging their high-tech expertise to create memorable in-store experiences for their shoppers:

Sony Square
The electronic manufacturer’s showroom doesn’t just spotlight new Sony products, but also hosts exclusive content, exhibitions, workshops and other experiences that sit at the intersection of entertainment and tech innovation. The hub features a rotation of themed, interactive installations every few months, while also allowing customers to preview upcoming products or prototype technology before widespread launch. 

Dyson Demo Store
The household appliance manufacturer invites customers to try its state-of-the-art engineering in this flagship demo store. Expert associates are available to answer questions or provide recommendations for specific needs, while customers can also get a behind-the-scenes look at the science behind the products with interactive demonstrations. (Also see The Arrivals pop up, created in partnership with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.)

In the Brooklyn showroom of North, a technology company backed by Amazon, visitors can experience Focals, their Alexa-enabled smart glasses with a built-in holographic display that shows information from users’ phones, such as messages, directions and weather. Shoppers can participate in an interactive demo to see what life with Focals would be like. Then, they can get sized using a high-resolution 3D scan of their faces to ensure optimal fit and choose their desired glasses color and style. 

As innovations in technology continue to rapidly advance, so too will tech-focused retailers who aim to satisfy consumer demand for the newest, most exclusive experience. For more on how industry leaders in the city are embracing new and dynamic modes of retail, download PSFK's 2019 New York Retail Innovation Guide, out now.

Lead image: stock photos from Dusan Petkovic/Shutterstock