From Volkswagon to Honda, leading automotive retailers are integrating cars with ecommerce and digital entertainment capabilities to make the driving experience the highlight of the journey

As cars become more connected, they are turning into powerful, smartphone-like tools. Voice assistants and digital payment tools are integrating shopping and entertainment into the driving experience itself, turning the car into a mobile commerce hub.

As detailed in PSFK's Automotive CX Debrief, here's how innovative auto retailers are enabling consumers to easily purchase items, such as food and gas, while on the go—and simultaneously presenting a new opportunity for marketers:

General Motors Marketplace: Automotive brand General Motors’ Marketplace app allows passengers to order and pay for a variety of products and services through the car’s infotainment interface, from booking dinner reservations to prepaying for gas.

Hyundai x Xevo: Automotive brand Hyundai teamed up with software company Xevo to create an in-vehicle payment system that allows customers to reserve and pay for parking with ParkWhiz, prepay for gas, and order and pay for takeout food.

SiriusXM x Visa: Satellite broadcasting company Sirius XM collaborated with digital payment leader Visa to create the SiriusXM e-wallet, designed to integrate into car dashboards to allow drivers who are Visa card holders the ability to make in-car purchases via voice and touch commands.

Volkswagen Snelweg Sprookjes: Automotive brand Volkswagen released a series of location-based, interactive audiobooks for children in the Netherlands that can actually detect ordinary objects that they can see out their windows, such as bridges and windmills, and use AR to turn them into elements of a personalized story.

Amazon Echo Auto: Ecommerce giant Amazon has created a dashboard-mounted device that connects to drivers’ phones via Bluetooth and allows them to use Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, to do things like ask for directions and add items to their Amazon cart.

Honda Dream Drive: Automotive brand Honda partnered with digital payment leader Visa to create a voice-enabled platform that lets drivers buy items like gas or movie tickets, as well as share their locations with friends and family members.

Nearly three quarters of all commuters surveyed, and 82% of millennials with long commutes, said they would shop more if the ability to shop and pay were integrated into their car. For more insight on integrating ecommerce and the automotive experience, download PSFK's Automotive CX Debrief, available now. 

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