In this excerpt from PSFK and Microsoft's Retail Trends Playbook 2020, here's how three brands are implementing cloud synthesis to maximize the benefits of data-based intelligence

In 2016, retailers missed out on $150 billion in revenue due to poor personalization. In a rush to address this loss, industry leaders invested in sophisticated, analytic algorithms without building the infrastructure required to hold and share the collected information most effectively: 52% of companies face challenges connecting the dots between data stored across different parts of their organization.

Retailers are sitting on a wealth of data, but these valuable insights often get lost between disparate teams and siloed channels. Data-driven communication channels can help optimize fast and responsive communication between factories, warehouses, stores and other supply chain elements, sharing key information between partners through cloud infrastructures and keeping everyone on pace to deliver excellence. In this excerpt from PSFK's Retail Trends Playbook 2020, made in partnership with Microsoft, here are three examples of leading brands using cloud-based solutions to maximize the benefits of consumer data intelligence:

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