Leading retailers are equipping store associates with technology-based assistance like facial recognition and AI to digitally enhance the brick-and-mortar service experience

With an infinite supply of information available to consumers on-demand through the internet, retailers must ensure that store associates are not rendered obsolete. Leaders across the industry are equipping their employees with technology-based tools to duplicate the efficiency of digital support while remaining in touch with real-life, human interaction.

New platforms are bringing these details to the forefront of retail interactions, enabling associates to recognize their customers and deliver personalized service and advice to improve the sales or service experience. In the following excerpt from PSFK’s Enhancing Service-Based Experiences Through Automation report, here is how three retailers and brands are equipping their associates with tech-based, assistive tools to enhance their service offerings and provide an optimal customer experience:

Mystore-E, a startup based in Tel Aviv, provides retailers with an AI platform that mimics the experience of a website in a physical store. With the help of digital displays and augmented reality images, customers are able to try on accessories to see how each piece would look on them. Employees then receive suggestions on a mobile app for specific products that customers might like based on their selections, as well as the store’s most popular items.

Melissa Shoes
Miami-based brand Melissa Shoes uses an opt-in facial recognition kiosk to recognize shoppers and notify sales associates of their arrival, providing employees with their previous purchases and preferences to enable a better buying experience. Customers take their photo upon entering the store and are recognized on subsequent visits with personalized greetings and service.

Plus-size apparel retailer Eloquii’s Curated Campaigns product gives sales associates the ability to visually curate product selections and send personalized recommendations to shoppers, who can then respond directly to the email, click a link to purchase the product online or visit their local store to finish the purchase.

The Retail Trends Playbook 2020 is a report by business intelligence platform PSFK in partnership with Microsoft that presents key trends, best-in-class examples and strategies for executing intelligent retail with the aid of data-driven technologies. Download the full free report here.

Lead image: stock photos from Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock