The cafe & restaurant brand's VP of digital experience explains how the establishment caters to consumer demand for fast and slow dining, ultimately using technology to enable an end-to-end journey that puts the customer in control and offers greater transparency

In an world where nearly every experience has a digital substitute, brick and mortar is gaining a new appeal, serving as a digital refuge of sorts and meeting different customer needs than it did in the past. Tech integrations can help there, too—but should prioritize enabling a more intuitive and convenient physical experience, not be the focal point, says Mark Berinato, VP of digital experience at Panera Bread.

Ahead of his appearance at Shoptalk 2019, where he participated in the “Technologies Enabling New Store Experiences” session, Mark spoke to PSFK about designing the next-generation cafe, explaining how Panera starts with customer benefits and works backwards, prioritizing flexibility for both fast-lane and slow-lane experiences as well as giving customers more control and transparency along their path to purchase. Read on to hear why, ultimately, integrating technology into a customer experience that accommodates changing consumer behavior must take into account the entire end-to-end journey, going beyond the doors of the cafe.

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