The auto investment platform's co-founder Rob Petrozzo speaks to PSFK about investment equity where it concerns classic cars and other high-ticket items, as well as why the future car experience will be about sharing, not owning

The sharing economy arguably has affected the automotive space more than any other, with the consumer need to have complete—or even partial—ownership over a method of transport becoming increasingly antiquated. When it comes to classic cars, however, Rally Rd. co-founder Rob Petrozzo perceived an opportunity to apply the sharing mindset to financial investment, encouraging consumers to rally investments together rather than require one large source of capital.

Ahead of his appearance on the New York Fintech Week panel ‘Democratizing Finance,' hosted by Anomaly, Hacking Finance and PSFK, Petrozzo spoke to us about the platform's mission to democratize alternative investments, providing access, liquidity and transparency to markets that have traditionally only been available to a select group. Furthermore, Petrozzo explains how Rally Rd. supports the future of car buying and owning, which he believes will be less about a personal ownership and more about communal experiences.

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