Interactive technologies help build authentic, virtual connections between brands and consumers around the world

Community building is essential for today's brands, large and small. While physical events have their time and place, thanks to technological innovation and improvement, virtual interactions and community building is becoming an increasingly popular part of leading retailers' strategy.

In this excerpt from PSFK's recently launched Creating Next-Gen Content Experiences report, here's  how three top brands are leveraging interactive technologies to build authentic connections and communities around the world through shared virtual experiences:

Fortnite x Marshmello
Popular video game Fortnite collaborated with DJ Marshmello to create a shared, realtime concert experience inside the game, drawing upwards of 10 million virtual attendees. Leading up to the concert, the game changed to only offer “Showtime” mode, and players could return to the show if they were killed, creating a sense of camaraderie. The concert triggered a nearly 24,000% increase of video streams for Marshmello’s biggest hits and drew a sales spike for songs performed during the show.

3D scanning system Staramba created a cloud database called Staramba.spaces that allows consumers to immerse themselves in a virtual reality world that includes the largest database of 3D avatars, including athletes and celebrities. The technology allows people to meet, interact and communicate with friends, as well as design and control their own virtual space. The VR platform encourages users to express their creativity and socially engage with people whom they otherwise would not get the opportunity to meet.

Dutch airline KLM partnered with creative agency DDB Unlimited to create “Take Off Tips,” an interactive hologram booth that allows travelers to connect with someone at another airport who is leaving the country where they're headed. The booth uses facial scanning and hologram projection technology to create a more personal connection between the two people.

Virtual connections are only one way brands and retailers are using content to drive engagement. To dive deeper, download the full Creating Next-Gen Content Experiences report, available now.

Lead image: stock photos from Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock