Pet healthcare brands and providers are engaging a new wave of millennial owners with tech-driven wellness and direct-to-consumer veterinary services

Research indicates that a new generation of people consider their pets a priority: The fastest growth category in the U.S. pet industry was veterinary services, up 6.3% to $26.9 billion. As a result, pet health retailers are developing new products and services that cater to a higher standard.

From high-tech accessories to direct-to-consumer veterinary support, pet health innovations are empowering concerned owners to have greater control over their companions' health. From PSFK's Engaging Millennial Pet Owners, here's how four pet retailers are leveraging technology and mobile convenience to make wellness accessible for every furry friend:

Pet health technology company Petrics created a smart pet bed that tracks a pet’s weight, rest and activity, and offers climate control. The Smart Pet Bed and Activity Tracker communicate with the Petrics Health and Nutrition App, creating a pet health ecosystem that allows pet owners to monitor and track pets’ health and nutrition data, get food and diet recommendations, and share findings with other family members, pet sitters and veterinarians.

Chewy Pharmacy
Online pet care retailer launched an online pharmacy, giving shoppers convenient access to vet-prescribed and OTC medications at discounted prices. The pharmacy works directly with vets to make filling prescriptions easier and offers an Autoship option for automatic refills.

Online veterinary pharmacy MixLab allows vets to prescribe custom medications, adapting the ingredients, forms, strengths and flavors according to a pet’s individual needs. The medication is then created in MixLab’s laboratory and delivered directly to the pet’s owner.

FitBark x Fitbit
Pet activity tracker FitBark partnered with the human activity tracker Fitbit to track the activity of both humans and their canine companion in a unified interface, encouraging them to get healthy together. FitBark’s app and the watch face of Fitbits’ Versa and Ionic models will display the daily activity, such as minutes of playtime or calories burned, for humans and their dogs.

Pet wellness is only one industry that millennial owners have reinvigorated. For the full list of insights, download PSFK's Engaging Millennial Pet Owners, out now.

Lead image: stock photos from Syda Productions/Shutterstock