Our latest report shows how a legacy industry is transforming itself through direct-to-consumer strategies

Traditionally, the experience of buying a car has seemed confusing, intimidating and outdated to modern consumers—but in response to new demands, car manufacturers and dealers have had to rethink the automotive customer experience. By implementing tactics developed by a new class of direct-to-consumer brands, they are able to ensure that the experience is consistent across all touchpoints and channels, whether a customer is browsing on an OEM’s website or visiting a dealership, while offering more flexible solutions and guidance to mitigate some of the major pain points associated with this important purchase.

PSFK’s latest report, The Automotive CX Debrief, outlines the major pillars that automotive brands are leveraging in order to transform the way that vehicles are marketed and sold. From empowering customers to conduct the car buying process online to offering flexible, commitment-free alternatives to vehicle ownership, automotive brands are embracing direct-to-consumer tactics in order to remove friction, add value and build long-term loyalty.

Featuring over 30 pages of research and analysis, including 6 trends-based pillars, over 18 best-in-class examples of engaging automotive CX and 1 in-depth interview with a pioneer of DTC automotive retail, our Automotive CX Debrief will provide automotive retailers with a roadmap for improving the car buying and ownership experience. It also provides lessons for brands and retailers in any industry to rethink entrenched models and create an end-to-end experience that meets consumers’ elevated expectations.

PSFK’s Automotive CX Debrief explores how automotive brands are leveraging the tactics of direct-to-consumer brands to transform the way vehicles are marketed and sold in a digital-first context and reframe customer relationships around meaningful loyalty. This report is part of a series of reports focusing on retail innovation and customer experience to inspire the members of our business intelligence services.

For a copy of this report, please visit: psfk.com/automotive-CX-debrief