From PSFK's Creating Next-Gen Content Experiences report, here is how three brands are incorporating voice activation and audio-based technology to make consumer-technology interactions more entertaining and efficient

Perhaps the most accurate prediction for the future of tech comes from Hollywood in the form of Spike Jonze's Her. The film spends 95% of its time on the interactions between a man and his voice-enabled earpiece, a fantasy now turned reality by leading innovators such as Amazon, Volkswagen and more.

Brands are using voice activations to boost engagement and interact with consumers in a more immersive and intuitive way, creating an overlay of entertainment for everyday life. Accordingly, here are three retailers utilizing interactive audio technology to immerse customers in a multisensory, storytelling experience:

Amazon partnered with ChooseCo, the publisher of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books, to launch voice-controlled narratives for Alexa device owners using Audible technology. Instead of Alexa’s robotic voice, the stories will be narrated by real people, and are aimed at all ages. 

Automaker Volkswagen released a series of interactive audiobooks in partnership with Dutch creative agency ACHTUNG! Mcgarrybowen. The technology leverages a location-based app called Road Tales that can detect ordinary objects that children would see out the window and create a personalized story equipped with AR images intended to make children'd car journeys more entertaining.

Audio company Bose launched a product called Frames, an exclusive wearable technology that customers can activate with head gestures, voice commands and simple touch gestures. Frames uses AR to stream music and information, take and make calls, and access virtual assistants, all while keeping playlists, entertainment and conversations private.

Voice and audio-based technology is only one way that brands are rethinking what's possible for innovative content. To dive deeper, download the full Creating Next-Gen Content Experiences report, available now.

Lead image: stock photos from LightField Studios/Shutterstock