PSFK founder Piers Fawkes describes eight pillars for modern retailers to guide their in-store experience design in an evolving and digital-first retail landscape

It goes without saying that retail has been undergoing a lot of change—and this turmoil is offering glimpses of innovative experimentation driven by DTV and Digitally-Native Vertically-Integrated brands (DNVB).

Many of these retailers have store experience design strategies that look beyond the transaction. Innovative brands and retailers are instead using the store more as a tool to interact with customers and build strong emotional connections in a way they can’t online.

A research team at PSFK recently developed the Store Experience Design Debrief report to help explore new leading approaches to retail. The team has a robust process and also helps the hardware teams at tech firms like Facebook and Google think through their retail strategies. They also help retailers like Target with an endless flow of inspiration on innovation within retail and along the customer experience journey.

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