Mastercard chief marketing and communications officer speaks to PSFK about the company's evolution in accordance with consumer behavior, transforming its logo into a sonic-visual experience and dropping its written name to better suit today's retail environments

What does it mean to be create a successful brand image in 2019? As screens shrink in size and consumers become increasingly intolerant of advertising that interrupts their daily lives, companies must adjust traditional strategies in favor of more organic and sophisticated marketing techniques.

Mastercard, which recently made headlines for its dropping the actual name from its logo in favor of its recognizable yellow and red interlocking circles, has also been an early adopter of “sonic branding.” Taking the advertising jingle to the next level, Mastercard's sonic brand will reach its customers at every touchpoint, from television commercials to point-of-sale transaction sounds. PSFK spoke to Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer, for a behind the scenes look as Mastercard continues its transition into a symbol brand.

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